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Arm Lift Surgery

The skin elasticity around the arms decreases over the years. This often causes loose, wrinkled skin to hang down on the underside of the upper arms. Patients seeking an arm lift are unhappy with the shape and contour of their upper arms. Mostly diets or exercise do not bring the desired success and the upper arms are hidden under long-sleeved clothing. With a tightening operation, we can correct the laxness of the upper arms – the upper arms look slimmer, younger, and more attractive again.

How an Arm Lift Surgery is performed

The upper arm lift can be performed safely in an ambulatory setting. Depending on if the arm lift is combined with other procedures, your general health, and your personal comfort, an overnight stay in the hospital might be preferred to monitor your recovery and to provide adequate pain control. The incision is made on the inside of the upper arms up to partly the elbow, so that the scar that fades over time can be well hidden. Excess fat is removed by direct excision as well as with liposuction and the excess skin is trimmed and re-draped.
After your arm lift procedure, you will be limited in your physical activities during your immediate post-operative period to ensure adequate wound healing. After the surgery we will see you through the first weeks and months following your arm lift and will advise you on all your matters in your recovery.


low – medium



Wound dressing

after 7 days

Social life
after 14 days

after 4 weeks

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