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Healthy eating and exercise are not always enough to get the body in shape. Genetic prerequisites can also provide unsightly fatty deposits for diet-resistant people. The stubborn fatty deposits often impair the aesthetics and self-confidence of the affected person. Getting rid of these abnormal contours can be frustrating. The goal of liposuction is therefore to optimize shape in specific areas and to create a proportionally and aesthetic balance in the appearance of your body. The gentle procedure, e. g. on the hips and upper arms, on the abdomen or chin, can significantly improve the body image – the body appears slimmer and better proportioned. Liposuction is not a matter of age.

Liposuction procedure

Before we begin with the liposuction procedure, the modeling of the affected areas of the body is planned and the corresponding areas are marked on the skin.
If necessary, we can perform additional skin tightening treatments, such as an abdominoplasty and buttock lift, to achieve a well contoured flat, toned appearance that is proportionate to your body. Smaller areas can be removed in an ambulatory setting under local anesthesia. Depending on the extent and operative length of your procedure under general anesthetic an overnight stay in the hospital might be preferred to monitor your recovery and to provide adequate pain control.

After your liposuction procedure wearing a garment for about 6 weeks to support healing is essential. Some bruising and swelling, which gradually subsides within the weeks following surgery, is expected. You will be limited in your physical activity to ensure adequate healing.





Wound dressing

after 5 days

Social life
after 7 days

after 2 weeks

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