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Treatment of Skin Cancer

Malignant skin tumors must be removed with a safety zone so that no residue remains. A wound can also be caused by an accident or infection. When excising a benign, soft tissue mass, it is the goal to remove the lesion with the thinnest, shortest scar, and the most favorable orientation possible. Especially in the face, defect coverings are particularly demanding, as resulting scars are almost impossible to hide and can possibly lead to functional problems.

Occasionally, the tissue can be closed with a direct suture. If this is not feasible due to larger biopsy at the affected site, we have different skin cancer treatments to close the affected area and to minimize often visible scar formation.

Local flap surgery

Performing local flaps are necessary to close defects with tissue in the surrounding. This technique is ideal to treat small tissue defects. Local flaps are subdivided in many different techniques, for example nasolabial- or rotation-flaps. It is pivotal, to choose the ideal flap individually to minimize the tension and as a result the scar. Each patient benefits from an personalized planning before local flaps procedure.

Skin transplantation

It is also possible to close a defect with skin transplantation of another part of the body. Performing such type of operation is not preferred at the face, because the structure and color of the transplant will be different then the surrounding skin.
To achieve your unique desires an ideal technique must be determined – at your initial consultation with us, surgery instructions are given and are reviewed with you in great detail.



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