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During the medical grade chemical peeling treatment, peeling substances (acids, phenol) applied to the skin cause a peeling of the skin in varying degrees with a subsequent and calculable regeneration of the epidermis and dermis, improving the appearance of your skin and its complexion.

Chemical peels are often part of a skin care regime individualized for you. They might be used as a single treatment or they might be a complimentary part of anti-aging concept with other non-surgical and surgical treatments.

Mid-deep and deep peels are more invasive treatment methods with subsequent peeling procedures lasting several days. Depending on the penetration depth of the substances, the peelings have different effects.

The main principle of chemical peels is that it clears away the damaged outer skin layer and help to develop new healthy skin to form. Collagen fibers damaged by sunlight are then replaced by new, straight, and parallel arranged collagen fibers and elastic fibers. Therefore, a chemical peel can enhance the skin complexion and improve certain skin conditions, like lines, large pores, improving sun damaged skin and even hyperpigmentation.

Peel procedure

To avoid long-term effects such as long-lasting redness or pigmentation, the skin hast to be pre-treated before each exfoliation (except alpha peel).

TCA-Peel technique

After thorough cleansing of the face with a syndetic solution and degreasing with acetone, the peeling substance is applied evenly in several layers with a cotton or compresses until a uniform white color (“frost”) appears. When applying the peel substance, a strong burning occurs for 1-2 minutes, so during the application it must be cooled with a fan or a strong cold air device. Wet saline supplements are then applied for 10 minutes. After the peel is finished, a fatty care balm is applied. The white frost is replaced after a few minutes by a redness and swelling which has reached its peak after 48 hours.

Chemical Peel in Vienna



ephemeral reddening of the skin


Wound dressing

after 3 days

Social life
after 7 days

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