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Eyelid Surgery

There is no area of the face that is more likely to show the signs of aging than the eyes. This is due to the thin texture of the skin. The most common complaint of patients seeking rejuvenate eye surgery is they look “tired” or “sad” resulted by the drooping upper eyelids. Although you feel fresh, you look fatigue. The eyes appear much smaller. In the case of pronounced drooping eyelids, vision in the upper area may be restricted. An upper eyelid lift (also called upper eyelid blepharoplasty) should restore the age-related changes, resulting in a more youthful wide-opened appearance.

How an eyelid surgery is performed

The procedure removes excess skin, sagging tissue and excess fatty deposits. For this purpose, a small incision is made in the natural upper eyelid crease. The resulting scar is almost invisible. An upper lid blepharoplasty may be performed under local anesthesia. The upper eyelid lift has a significant rejuvenating effect without changing the basic appearance. The visible effect remains for at least five, usually even ten years or longer. The procedure can be repeated without any problems.

Recovery after surgery

You will go home with a friend or relative when you are fully awake and comfortable. The amount of bruising and swelling will vary from patient to patient. However, cold compresses are used to minimize bruising and swelling around the eyes. The primary swelling and bruising resolves in about one week, and most go back to work or resume social activities around this time.
The eyelid surgery planning process begins with a comprehensive discussion and examination in our practice.



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Wound dressing

after 3 days

Social life
after 5 days

after 2 weeks

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